What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

Sep 23

Midday Crying Fits and Professionalism →


I’ve met this challenge with vigor. I’ve met it with midday crying fits and apartment-pacing. I’ve met it with suicide and lottery ticket fantasies. I am trying to get better at what I do, but the crevasse between trying and doing is one down which many lives have disappeared.

Sep 05

Impossible to believe that this guy died when he was 26, and was already this good.

Aug 27

quote I never considered for a minute that I had talent,” he wrote in 1994. ”What I did have was divine inspiration and an open subconscious.

— John Fahey, according to his NYT obit from 2001.
Aug 21

Three mellow guitar/drum loop demos I made in summer of 2010, probably original envisioned as songs for the Sheriffs of Nottingham. The fact that they’re still here without vocals tells you how that went.

Aug 20

You can watch the morbid “Fat Elvis” videos from the ‘77 tour, or you can just pretend he ascended to heaven shortly after this (incredibly uptempo) 1970 performance. I know which I prefer.

Aug 12

I went hungry in New York and Chicago was no better
But today, my dear mother wrote and told me in her letter
Son, come back to Memphis and live here with your Mama
You can walk down Beale Street, honey, wearing your pajamas
You know home folks here, we let do just what you want to
And I born you and raised you right here on the corner

Jul 31

Beale Street Sheiks, “Mr. Crump Don’t Like It,” 1927.

Jul 28


"Back in the day, Walter would, every once in a while, forget how to draw. Remember?" Louise said.

“Oh yeah,” Walter agreed. “That still happens occasionally. It’s like, ‘Oh my god, nothing I’m drawing looks any good anymore. My life is over as an artist.’ And what I realized, because I was an editor at the time, and had seen a lot of work go past me, was that when you hit this phase where suddenly your stuff, which looks just like it did yesterday, doesn’t look good to you anymore, it’s because your mind has made a leap. Your brain has gotten farther than your hand has learned to do it yet. But eventually, give it a few weeks, keep it up and you’ve made a leap in your own craft. That was a big help because it was so depressing when you realize you couldn’t draw anymore.”

From an interview with Walt and Louise Simonson. (via twiststreet)

Exactly this. 

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Wow. Well, there’s one game-changing thought technology.


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Jul 28
Jul 11

They are… like… a god to me.


They are… like… a god to me.